63°27'32.7"N 19°21'53.3"W

DC-3 Plane wreck on Sólheimasandur beach

In 1973, a DC-3 plane from the United States Navy had to make an emergency landing on the south coast of Iceland. Nobody was injured, but the plane remained abandoned on the beach. Even though the plane was mostly intact at first, it is now missing both its wings. The powerful winds and sandstorms have also stripped it of its paint, leaving its greyish husk as a relic of human technology, slowly taken over by nature.

To get there, the walking path starts at a gate on the south side of the main road.

Coming from the West (Reykjavík): on the main road, cross the bridge over the Jökulsá river. Approximately 1,5 km (1 mn) after the bridge, the gate will be on the right side.

Coming from the East (Vík): Pass road 222 (that goes to Mýrdalsjökull) and continue on the main road. Approximately 1,5 km (1 mn) after road 222, the gate will be on the left side.

The plane is about 3-4 km from the road, the walk is estimated 1-2 hours (both ways) and the tire tracks should lead you right to it, please dress after weather conditions.

(Picture: ©Uli Funke,