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Volcano Hotel, Ketilsstaðaskóli
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Opening hours mon-fri
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Johann, certified guide at your service!

Volcano Hotel is a licensed tour operator and at our hotel we run an excursion company called Mountain Excursion.
By taking a guided tour with local guide will definitely enhance your experience of one of Iceland's most beautiful places.

Volcano hotel hiking

Super truck tours, ice climbing, glacier walking!

Local tour, Iceland´s interiors, glacier tours and more!

Children can participate in many of our tours!

Unforgettable experience for the whole family!

A full day outdoor is so much fun - even in bad weathers!

This picture is from one of our glacier hikes.

Puffin sighting

During summer time - the Local tour might involve a puffin or two!
An unexpected tour-booking with us doesn't have to change your plans
Book an afternoon tour, evening tour or a short tour and keep your plans!