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Víkurbraut 21
778 9717

Opening hours mon-fri
11:00 AM - late*
Opening hours weekends
11:00 AM - late*

The Soup Company

We are a small family owned soup company, located in the heart of Vík í Mýrdal, Iceland. We serve various sorts of delicious soups and freshly baked bread to take away.

We started our company because we simply love soups. We come from a large family and throughout the years we have gathered on cold rainy days over hot soup,
It's a family tradition.

We wanted to bring some of our tastiest recipes alive and introduce it to the people of Vík and all the wonderful travelers that come through our little town.

Since we are in constant connection to the beautiful nature in Vík, we are environmentally concerned so we decided to be 100 % compostable from day one. That is why all of our disposables are swan marked and made out of organic ingredients that break down in only 6-12 weeks.

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