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A family campsite only 25 min from Vík!

After taking many Sunday drives upp past Höfðabrekka the idea arose to make the area more sutable for turists. In Þakgil there was enough room for a campsite, good shelter from the wind, a creek which could be used to produce electricity and a cave which could be turned into a messhall.

The campsite is now fully operational, with restrooms and a dining room in the cave. The future includes getting electricity from the creek and opening new accomodation in chalets and caves. Also adding new things like hot tubs, a fishing pond and making more walkroutes.
At the site there are a number of beautiful hiking trails suitable for everyone. Camping site, bathroom and a shower are available. The dining room is a naturally formed cave and in it is a grill and a fireplace.

Several cottagescan be rented out over the summertime in Þakgil:

Sleeping-bag accommodation for 4 in each cottage with a double bunk bed.
Kitchen with a gas stove and refrigerator.
Only cold water on tap, but you will find a shower with warm water at the campsite, next to the cabins.